Vocation Guest’s Schedule

Below is the standard daily schedule for vocation guest's to Saint John's Abbey. All visits may differ from below, and may be tailored to your specific needs according to your conversation with the Saint John's Abbey Vocation Director or your Saint John's Abbey Vocation Guide.



7:00 am                      Morning Prayer with breakfast following

9:00-11:00 am             Work Period – if scheduled

Noon                           Midday Prayer with lunch following

1:00-3:00 pm              Work Period – if scheduled

5:00 pm                      Eucharist  

6:00 pm                      Supper

7:00 pm                      Evening Prayer

Note: On Wednesday, those on the formation floor comes together for group Lectio at 6:30 am. The focus is the readings for the coming Sunday. Copies will be provided.



7:00 am                       Morning Prayer with breakfast following

7:45-8:30 am              Saturday Recreation and lectio, 3rd Quad Lounge

10:30 am                     Sunday Eucharist with lunch at noon (dress-up please)

11:30 am                     Saturday Eucharist with lunch following

5:00 pm                       Sunday Evening Prayer (dress-up please)

6:00 pm                       Supper

7:00 pm                       Saturday Evening Prayer, Vigil for Sunday (dress-up please)