Eucharistic Adoration

Among the most subtle and touching spiritual practices of the Catholic Tradition, is the simple prayer of Eucharistic Adoration. The Catholic faith teaches that Christ is really present in the Bread and Wine, the Body and Blood, of the Eucharist. In faith, we approach the Eucharist in Mass to receive the Body and Blood of Christ. In Eucharistic Adoration we spend time with the real presence of Christ. 

To practice Eucharistic Adoration, most commonly you will find opportunities at your parish. In this case, the priest will display a monstrance containing a consecrated host in a designated place of honor, such as on the alter or a side chapel. If this community spiritual practice in not available, consecrated hosts of kept in the tabernacle at all times, (except on Good Friday,) and though not visible as in the monstrance, Christ is certainly still present. 

In either situation, sitting, kneeling, or standing before the Eucharist, one only need to seek God in love. 

Many will reflect on the real presence, the mystery of God's gift of Self; seeking to understand better, to love more deeply, to simply be near God. Naturally, in prayer the mind will wonder to one's problems, pains, and fears, and countless faithful have brought these to Christ in Eucharistic Adoration. It is not uncommon for many to bring to Adoration their doubts, their uncertainty in the faith, their anger at God; knowing and trusting that God forgives and heals. Still many will simply be, following the example of Mary the Mother of God, who before God prayed, "Let it Be."