Spiritual Retreats

Everyone can pray. So why turn to the Church, to the Benedictine Tradition, or anyone for help? What is the value of studying and practicing a subject and activity everyone can preform through to the universal call to holiness? In short, prayer possesses a depth which requires a lifetime of exploration: the deeper one delves, the greater the challenges one uncovers; the more one learns, the more one may become complacent and self-satisfied; the greater one grows in relationship with God, the greater the Call to aid others into a deeper relationship with God. Those who have gone before us, have left a Tradition to expedite our conversion to Christ, empower our prayer with the wisdom of countless lifetimes, and forged the tools and traditions to form the Church, both living and glorified, into a community articulated in the practice of prayer. 

Upcoming Retreats

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Boundary Waters Canoe Area 

June 3-7, 2017

This June, Saint John’s Abbey is hosting a discernment retreat in the beauty of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area (BWCA). Led by Saint John’s Monks, Fr. Lew Grobe and Fr. Nick Kleespie, this retreat will allow participants the opportunity to discern a vocation to monastic life while canoeing and camping through the BWCA.

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