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Everyone can pray. So why turn to the Church, to the Benedictine Tradition, or anyone for help? What is the value of studying and practicing a subject and activity everyone can perform through to the Universal Call to Holiness? In short, prayer possesses a depth which requires a lifetime of exploration and correction through study, conversation, and conversion. Where we grow in communion with God, we see that there is always more to God, always another step to take in our discipleship of Christ, alway a new question and the need for guidance and community in Christ. Christ formed a Church that is one Body in Him, with each part serving the other

The more extensively one explores the Faith and commits themselves to God, the greater the challenges one uncovers. The more one learns and understands theology and the mysteries of the Faith, the more one may become tempted to complacency. The greater one grows in relationship with God, the greater the Call to aid others in discovering a relationship with God. Being a part of the Body of Christ, helps us to grow in holiness, and to overcome the challenges of discipleship, remembering His words, "[...] where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I [...]" (Matt. 18:20).

Those who have gone before us have left a Tradition to expedite our conversion to Christ, empower our prayer with the wisdom of countless lifetimes, and forged the tools and traditions to form the Church, both living and glorified, into a community articulated in the practice of prayer. 



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