St. Gianna Beretta Molla Novena

Dear holy servant of God, Saint Gianna Beretta Molla, we pray to you because you were once the selfless and suffering mother who chose the life of her child over her own life. Your faithfulness to God brought you so close to God that you are now resting in His divine splendor. We humbly pray for your holy intercession.

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In the midst of your suffering you continued your mission to care for the sick, needy and weak. And so we bring our needy hearts to you and ask that you pray for us to God our Father…

Day 1: Pray for all those who suffer from infertility or miscarriage. That they may be comforted.

Day 2: Pray for us, that we may be filled with love for children.

Day 3: Pray for us, that we may seek the will of God in all things.

Day 4: Pray for us, that we may be generous with those in need.

Day 5: Pray for us that we may be patient in suffering.

Day 6: Pray for all those who work in the field of medicine, that they may know the dignity of the human person.

Day 7: Pray for us, that we may be witnesses to the sanctity of human life.

Day 8: Pray that there may be an end to abortion.

Day 9: Pray for all mothers, that they may be the face of God within their families.

Most holy Saint Gianna, you said “yes” to the new life of your baby, generously sacrificing your own life. Show us how to say “yes” as you did to God’s will so that we may come to eternal rest with God in heaven.

Hail Mary…

Glory Be…

Saint Gianna Beretta Molla, pray for us!